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A Child’s Journey
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Imagine Emma, a child who has experienced abuse. Hurt and scared, she clutches a well-worn teddy bear as she steps into a new place with her mom. She is comforted to see a room that feels more like a warm, inviting home. This is The Martin House Children’s Advocacy Center, a safe space where a childs’s voice is empowered and the journey to healing and justice begins.

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A Beacon of Hope

When children such as Emma come to The Martin House CAC, they are not just entering a facility; they are stepping into a comprehensive support system designed to advocate for their rights and restore their well-being.

A multidisciplinary team from diverse organizations meet with children at The Martin House CAC, giving kids one place to receive the services they need, when they need them.

Children of Our Community

Every child's story underscores a critical, widespread problem: child abuse is a silent epidemic that can infect any neighborhood. The Martin House CAC serves child victims of abuse in Gregg, Harrison, and Marion Counties.

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I came in feeling lost, but I’m walking out feeling like I have family and a lot of support.

-Parent of a CAC client

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Your Role is Critical

Emma's future—and that of many children like her—depends on the support and commitment of people like you in our community:


Your time and compassion can light up dark times for children and families impacted by abuse.


Contributions fund crucial services from forensic interviews to counseling sessions.


Raise your voice to help end the cycle of abuse and protect all children.

Every child's story at The Martin House CAC is a testament to the power of collective action in the face of tragedy. By joining us, you help ensure that every child not only survives but thrives. Together, we can empower voices to end abuse.